God's Grace and Peace to you all,

Welcome to a page for reflection and a time of understanding of the Universe that shapes and changes us. Please take time when reading this page to relax and know that God's kingdom is ever present in our daily lives. God will change you in ways you can not imagine if you relax into the spirit that is around you. This page will be updated every month. Please use your time at this page to reflect each day on how you can be the change.

Grace and Enthusiasm for a New Day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A prayer for those serving others

"It is in giving that we receive..." St. Francis of Assisi

God bless those that serve,
Your spirit flows through them
Giving grace to those they are with
Like a mountain spring there source is pure and caring

Be with those that serve, even when difficulties arise
for you are in the darkness too
providing love to those who have seen little
giving compassion to those who have been judged harshly

Be with those that serve, especially when they are laughing
For when we serve, we tire
But a jolly laugh restores the soul

Be with those that serve, in unimaginable ways
For in the giving of ourselves
Your spirit fills our being
Making us whole

God be with those who serve...for they have seen your face and said, "God is Good"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The taming of God

God has been tamed, it is abundantly clear now.
He is nestled safe within the walls of our churches.
Safe is how we like God to be, safe and right where we know he is.
We can go about our days arriving safely in church once or maybe twice a week,
and there God is waiting to pat us on the back.
"Good job my child, you have done well, just try and do better here."

How boring can it get?

A God that is really engaged in humanity is out there among us each day. Our companion, our friend, our coach, our challenger, but always pushing us to grow.
Good friends say they pray each day and all the time. God likes this cause he knows what you think. But God is talking too, listen and it mysteries will arrive.

As a Christian...Jesus is the ultimate un-taming of God, the unraveling, the one who said, "Free God from these temple walls, let all know that God is everywhere. Let all know that God is here for all and not bound by rules."

A thought experiment for you today: Consider if God is real or not to you?

If God is real to you, imagine the life of one who does not see God as real? There is nothing wrong with a life lived with no God, it is when we lack humbleness and strength that we do not live.

If you do not believe in God, imagine a life of one who sees God as real? It is no less to imagine a powerful force affecting our lives, for we or finite and we want to imagine beyond that. There is nothing wrong with a life lived guided by some seemingly unimaginable force, as long as it is a life filled with virtue.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Release from Sin Theology this Christmas

Lookin in the mirror
wondering if it is true
You can feel the brokenness they say is inside of you,

When you were dancing down the street you felt so free,
Now you feel stuck like the roots of an old tree have rooted you to the ground un-naturally,

What could you have possibly done to feel this way?

You were innocent as you embarked this way.
Now the guilt is rushing in,
and all you see is how you SINNED, what SIN, WHAT SIN!!?!!

When suddenly you trip on that old book,
and you take a moment for a look,
As each page turns you realize the depth of human demise,
of war and death and ignorance.

Then you come to a narrative, a grand story
About a child, a blessed one.
Who said to us all - "Let this feeling of guilt be done:
I remove you greatest fear, so you may know that love is near.
And as you go to sleep this night, know this:
I will be with you and stay by your side, so that if fear returns I may shine the the light again.
For sin is but a controlling thing, be free to go beyond.
Do not let these old words bind, but instead use them to free the blind.

Some may say the end has come, to them I say it is all but done.
Live this day your daily bread,
I pray that you are always fed,
but do not live by bread alone.
For it cannot role back the stone.
My friend do not despair, we all wear underwear,
Be free to see the light that is:
Our Father, Our Mother, Creator, God.

Do not fear that all life is,
is a fancy magic show.

Feel the reality instead, that which you know:

That love will wipe things clean as snow."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The world is waking up

As a student of Theology I am seeing a dangerous trend in modern religious institutions, fear. Religion as designed in the middle ages was designed to preserve knowledge and in many ways it helped preserve the knowledge of culture. However, in its own fear the church of the middle ages committed some of the greatest atrocities in history.

The fear today is based in a survivalist mindset. A mindset that we have to preserve the way it has always been done because if we do not we lose the values that have allowed us to live.

The truth however is that that those values are in each of us, they are the divinity that each of us possesses. It is these values that are being proved so valuable to those that are developing things like the "The Secret." This piece of truth is being neglected by the churches and to be true they will fail if they do not wake up to it. Perhaps it is time for them to fail, or perhaps it is time for them to rebirth who they are and become a changing and growing force in the world.

Blessings on your journey my friends,


Friday, September 25, 2009

To get lost in prayer

Do you remember the days when play was all there was?  No memory or worry if the calendar  was full or you had each step done.  Your only job was to rise up from slumber, clean yourself up(only if they made you), and to find what fascinated you next.  Well the truth is, that never stopped.  Instead, you chose to create those other crazy parts of life.  Relax everyday let your mind wander in prayer, in silence, in song, or in senses.  Remember always you are a CHILD of God and that life is your gift to do with what you please.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Notice Mountains

The mountains draw near as I drive along the road,
ever present as a reminder of where I go,
rising slowly like a lost memory,
each detail slowly becoming a reality,
remember everyday that life is there,
for you to approach and notice each detail,
you can draw near if you want to see the truth,
for the universe will go on no matter what.